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Business Blues

If you gotta make a living by working in an office, you gotta sing the blues. Are you a survivor of a reorg? Bet you wish they'd laid you off! Stuck going to the company Chrismas party? Stuck in voice mail hell? Heard enough of corporate speak? Can't get far away with a high-tech leash? Have more frequent flyer miles than you could ever use? Stuck working in a cubicle? Gotta eat out a lot on business? Got a sick computer? Spend all day in meetings? Dream of setting up your own consulting business? We have the songs for you!

Marketing Blues

"Marketing Blues" is a collection of 11 songs that poke fun at marketing and sales. We know you're going to laugh -- and it's all true. Ad campaigns that are great, but destroyed by committee. Bosses that want publicity, but have nothing good to say. The sales force the refuses to sell new products because they don't believe the marketing department any more. And being strategic in the middle of mission statements, value statements, and other corporate nonsense.

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