Cubicle Blues

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Time: 5:50
© 1996 Incredible Vibrato, BMI
On "Business Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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I'm never gonna move any higher than an office built from dividers
I got the cubicle blues

Four gray dividers act as walls, this cubicle reminds me of a restroom stall
But these dividers got cloth on the sides and my cubicle's a little more wide
But this cubicle ain't much better than that bathroom stall, everyone can hear my telephone calls
You don't look down and see pants wrapped around your neighbor's feet, but for sure a cubicle's a dead-end street

Even though it don't have a ceiling, I still get that closed-in feeling
Cramped like a cow in a barn, claustrophobia's only part of the harm
Often I've heard people say that your office means less than your pay
But I'm losing all sense of proportion, this cubicle is mental extortion
Stuck in this roofless cage, it's getting tougher to hide my rage
I got the cubicle blues

These cubicles are an endless maze, you can get lost in it for days
And 'cause they all look the same you can forget you even have your own name
So I went out and bought me a lamp to add my personal stamp
Then I hung up some pieces of art, they still didn't set me apart
My identity is so essential but this damn cubicle has no potential
I got the cubicle blues

Cubicles are in a central space, real offices are on the sides of the place
Manager's offices have doors, cubicles are in the middle of the floor
Each promotion gets you one cubicle closer to the sides
But you'll never get a real office 'cause this building's so damn wide
I'm never gonna move any higher than an office built from dividers
Real offices are off to the sides, if I don't get one soon I'm gonna commit suicide
I gotthe cubicle blues

Careful what you say on the phone, there's no privacy in the cubicle zone
Be on your guard every day, your co-workers can hear everything you say
Never utter a single word sbout how your boss is such a turd
Always be paranoid, it'll keep you from becoming unemployed
It's sure to infect your mental state, being sentenced to a cubicle is the most vile fate
I got the cubicle blues

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