Business Dining

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On "Business Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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Business dining would tax an athlete
Talk, listen and think while you try to eat
Talk while you eat, give your point of view
Whatever you do shut your mouth when you chew
Most of the time they order food you hate
Gotta keep the food down while you concentrate
Push yourself harder than you ever have before
Try to make your point without puking on the floor
Act like you like it 'cause you gotta suck up
Even though you hate eatin' this stuff

Gotta lunch meetin' with my boss
He likes spicy food with lots o' hot sauce
Order what the boss does, its only right
Even though I'll gag from every bite
Oh, the boss says, you love this too?
I always knew I could count on you
It's the business lunch then dinner tonight
I hope this antacid will keep me upright
Act like I love it 'cause I gotta suck up
Even though I hate eatin' this stuff

Calming down a client with a big complaint
This food he wants for dinner's gonna make me faint
Hunks of raw fish layin' on a boat
Try not to let it fly out of my throat
Force myself to swallow, gotta keep it down
If I don't calm him down they'll run me out of town
He smiles as they bring me a big bowl of seaweed
He lied about a menu I couldn't read
Business dining - gotta be polite
Please let me hold down a few more bites

My biggest prospect loves Tex-Mex food
Sittin' here prayin' I don't cut something crude
Gonna give me heartburn that could last for days
But this guy's order could get me a raise
I gulped when I saw the nachos on that tray
Is eating this worth what I get paid?
Get it away! Please don't light that match
These beans are more combustible than blasting caps
That Tex-Mex dinner was dynamite
The explosions it caused could've lit up the night!

Dinner in a state with famous barbecue
I love it Mr. Client, I really do
Sausage, pork ribs, lots of burnt meat
Thought I'd gag tryin' to eat pigs feet
A side of fries dripping with grease
This is gonna kill me -- hope I rest in peace
After eatin' this I better see the priest
I'm sentenced to death by cholesterol feast
Eatin' what they like's the right thing to do But I'm clogging my arteries with airplane glue

Out on a trip to see a client in LA
Haven't had a real meal in the last five days
Two little pieces the size of a quarter
Costs a hundred bucks but that's what they order
Multicolored stuff piled high on a plate
Stare at it long enough I'll hallucinate
These people pay a fortune for nothing to eat
At least it's better than a plate of burnt meat
Act like you like it 'cause you gotta suck up
Even though you hate eatin' this stuff

The business world don't care about human rights
You gotta swallow weird stuff night after night
All of my clients seem to have a death wish
I'd give anything for a piece of broiled fish
These lunches and dinners takin' years off my life
Might as well stab me with that carving knife
A short-term crisis means more than my health
A bunch of heart surgeons gonna get all my wealth
Act like you like it 'cause you gotta suck up
Even though you hate eatin' this stuff

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