High-Tech Leash

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Time: 3:27
© 1996 Incredible Vibrato, BMI
On "Business Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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Cell phones, pagers, faxes, e-mail
They makin' us prisoners in a high-tech jail
Nowhere to hide, nothing you can do<
They'll track you down, they're gonna find you
Can't get relief, can't get any peace
I'm tied to work like a dog on a high-tech leash

Out on the weekend seein' my friends
The cell phone rings, they're bugging me again
Tryin' to play with the kids, need to talk to my wife
Electronic gizmos are wrecking my life
Work seven days with no extra pay
My freedom's gone, I'm a high tech slave

Go on vacation, try to relax
The phone light's on, they sent me a fax
Lay down at night, time for some sleep
Close my eyes then the pager beeps
Orwell was right, no freedom anymore
It came a little late but here's 1984

Readin' the sports page while I'm sittin' on the can
The pager goes off, I'm a wanted man
Worker output's on the rise
But talk about more free time turned out to be lies
Make your life easier, what a bunch of crap
They took away my life with a high-tech trap

Saturday morning in my car blasting tunes
The cell phone rings, they need a report by noon
They know they own me 'cause they can always phone me
If I shut off the phone they're gonna page me at home
Night after night, day after day
Electronic gadgets are making me crazy

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