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Time: 4:17
© 1996 Incredible Vibrato, BMI
On "Business Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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Look at my schedule, what do I find?
A day full of meetings to rot my mind
Go to the meeting, no one's prepared
Everyone attending acts mentally impaired
Anally retentive, for sure use they're uninventive
Sitting through endless meetings kills all your incentive

Some drone on forever with color flip charts
I'd like to shoot 'em in the head with poison darts
Mountains of foils with endless minor facts
I hope in the next downturn these idiots get the ax

Impress the big cheese with detailed graphs
Walk out of the room and all they do is laugh
Sit all day in meetings from nine to five
Every single comment is political jive
Count on every meeting to always run late
People wonder why our work is second rate

Twelve people in a conference room intended for eight
Even those meetings always run late
If they give me one more action item I'll call in sick to spite 'em
Meetings are more than impositions, they're like surgical incisions
Meetings set up formally, meetings on the side
What meetings do to your mind is like mental genocide

Do all your work at night, they hold meetings just to spite
How does anyone get work done?
If they give me one more action item I'll call in sick to spite 'em
I can't take anymore meetings - please

Corporate soldiers go on with pointless data
Can't they just shut up and finish up later?
Can't they see the forest instead of the trees?
To get these drones to shut up I'll beg them on my knees

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