I Survived the Reorg (But I Wish They'd Laid Me Off)

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Time: 3:50
© 1996 Incredible Vibrato, BMI
On "Business Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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My boss was such an ass
But now his time is past
I'm the big guy
In the brand new corporate cast
'Cause I survived the reorg
I ain't worried anymore
Thought I'd be dead meat
Winding up on the street
But I survived the reorg
I inherited the staff

They didn't escort me out
Now I've got more clout
I'm movin' up the ladder
My wallet's gettin' fatter
Now the staff works for me
So crazy it's hard to see
That the winner in this blood bath
Turned out bein' me
My buddies thought I was nuts
When I kissed a lot of butts
Management knew I'd play along
I showed that they weren't wrong
I didn't rock the boat
So in my file that's what they wrote
They kept me in the game
'Cause I'd shown that I was tame

Two guys doin the work of five
What the hell is this jive
Wish I could remember
What it meant to be alive
All this talk about lean and mean
Is makin' me stiffen and scream
They swore that I'd be hiring
Now they tell me to keep on firing
I survived the reorg
Now I wish they'd laid me off

Laid off with six months pay
They really got it made
They get cash as they sit
While I'm still here taking it
Now I know why they laughed
When I told 'em I could hire more staff
They're the ones who survived
I'm the one who died

If I'd wound up on the street
I wouldn't've been dead meat
I would've drawn a nice check
While drinking beers on my sun deck
Whoever merged marketing with sales
Ought to wind up in jail
I survived the reorg
Now I wish they'd laid me off

All my buddies that got laid off
Take lots of time playing golf
While every day I go to work
Where they treat me like nothin' but a jerk
Turned out the fool was me
'Cause now that I can see
That I survived the reorg
I wish I tried to get laid off

Could've got six months money
Plus one month for every year I was here
Health insurance, free headhunter
Take it easy for a while
But instead I licked management's butts to hang on
Now all these laid off guys
Got a good rest and a better job
And I'm still stuck here
They keep breakin' their word, laying people off
And cuttin' back to show a profit
I never got to hire anyone
Boy am I a sucker
I could'a spent time practicing my guitar
Join a band, get on VH-1, be a star
Live out a childhood fantasy
Instead I'm just puttin up with this
Better start practicin'

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