Business Travel

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On "Business Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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Stuck in security trying to get to my gate
They're looking for a bomb so I gotta wait
Missed my flight, got a later connection
They're makin me fly with an ear infection
My company won't pay Crown Club dues
Nowhere to work, I got the blues
Trapped in coach in the middle seat
Accountants think flying's a bonus treat
The bean counter is such an ass
If it were him flying, he'd be in first class

Trying to work in a tiny space
The guy leans back, his seat's in my face
Caught on a flight where kids fly free
Little monsters surrounding me
The one behind me keeps kicking my seat
Give me an ax to cut off his feet
Needed the john for quite awhile
Now the drink cart's blockin' the aisle

TV dinner on a bouncing tray
This is hopeless just take it away
A movie and shorts, they all stink
My eyes are closed, can't sleep a wink
A baby screams, the mother don't care
Please shut it up, this ain't fair
Good that drink cart's finally gone
Oh no, there's a line for the john

Elbows fightin' over the arm rest
I'm in the middle, I got two contests
These cheap flights cut travel costs
But when it's time for work my sanity's lost
Business travel, business travel
What a rotten, cruel, stinkin' hassle
The bean counter is such an ass
If it were him flying, he'd be in first class

Reach the hotel, can't take anymore
Flush the toilet, it floods the floor
Somebody pulled the fire alarm
They're tryin to put me in a funny farm
The hook broke off my garment bag
My business suit looks like a rumpled rag
Eat breakfast at 8 am
Even though my body thinks it's 5 am

Go to the meeting, feel like hell
Smile a lot, act like everything's swell
Suck down coffee by the pot
Keep leaving the room, gotta pee a lot
They're all alert, I'm sittin there dyin'
Soon as it ends gotta do more flyin'
Don't know how that meeting went
I don't care I'm totally spent
Back to the plane with twice as much stuff
Four new binders, I've had enough
The stewardess says this junk don't fit
I tell her just get rid of it
Another night stuck on a plane
For what they pay me this is insane
Gotta do a report from my meeting notes
But I can't make out what I wrote

Another Marriott, another Hilton
My social life is really wiltin'
Business travel, business travel
What a rotten, cruel, stinkin' hassle

And then when I get back
They're in no hurry to process my expense report
They were in such a hurry for me to go
But they sure not in any hurry to pay me back
They saw how much money I had to spend
And they said that trip wasn't so urgent
When in fact they made me go
And they said couldn't you have just done that on the telephone?
And I said you made me fly on over the weekend this was so important
And now I'm gonna miss my next house payment
'Cause I had to use my own credit card on the damn trip
Business travel what a hassle

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