Voice Mail Hell

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Time: 4:22
© 1996 Incredible Vibrato, BMI
On "Business Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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Every time I use the phone
I get trapped in the voice mail zone
Everytime it never fails
They torture me with voice mail
I do exactly what it says
Then of course the line goes dead
Call for help and get a recording
No one's there 'till Monday morning

Three rings and a click and I can tell
I'm trapped in voice mail hell

Anger builds but I keep trying
Somebody's there, voice mail's lying
They're really tryin' to drive us nuts
Somebody oughta kick their butts
Why do they bother with phones at all
When they try so hard to get rid of calls
I'd rather they say go away
Than tie me up in a maze all day

Got no choice, can't get a real voice
They bounce you around 'till you slam the phone down

Voice mail's a wall to block all calls
It tells you they don't care at all
Customer focus is big these days
So drive 'em nuts with a voice mail maze
Wish I got a busy tone
Instead of puttin' me in the voice mail zone
I keep callin' again and again
No real voice by call number 10

First three rings, then that click
My stomach turns over, I feel sick

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