Business Week Boogie

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Time: 4:19
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On "Marketing Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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This be the Business Week Boogie
I'm gonna tell you a story
About that Business Week magazine

My boss' boss' boss' boss' boss'
He come in and he say
Son, get me on the cover of that Business Week
You know that magazine

He say
All my golfing buddies here
They been on that cover

And he say
I don't care about no product features
I don't care about no bingo cards
And I don't care about no trade press

All I care about is getting my
Face on the cover of that
Business Week magazine

He say
You better get me on that cover
I don't care how you do it
If you ever want to get any kind of decent wage
And you know about PR people and wages

So I called Business Week
And I called and I called
And I called and I called
Finally they got back to me

So I pitched them a trend
That had to do with my company's business
They said OK we'll talk to him
So I set it up

And I facilitated it
And I arranged it
And I let my boss' boss' boss' boss' boss' boss to let the big boss know that Business Week was comin in

So they came in
They talked about the industry
And there was just one tiny little question
About the boss man's attitude towards insider trading

Well, next thing you know
The magazine comes out
And there's a trend story all right
But it ain't the trend story I pitched

The trend was insider trading
And artificial stock inflation
And a whole lot of dishonest things
And my boss was on the cover
As villain number one

But he told me just get me on that cover of Business Week like all my buddies been on that cover
And I did
Now I don't have no job
But he does

You see, to keep his job
He sued 'em and claimed libel
Character assassination

And I'm the one who took the blame
The pink slip was passed
From my boss' boss' boss' boss
Down to my boss' boss' boss' boss
Then finally down to me

He said
It's that PR boy's fault
He's the one who set the interview up
He insisted that I be on the cover of that Business Week

So the moral of the story is
Next time somebody says
Any publicity is good publicity
And your boss insists on being on the cover of Business Week
Run like hell

I say run like hell
Do that Business Week boogie
The Business Week Boogie be runnin away
So run like hell
Business Week Boogie
Play me some blues

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