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On "Marketing Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
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We got a new widget coming on line
Should we charge two bucks or a dollar ninty nine?
The gizmo's ready to ship right on time
Everything's together except for that one land mine
And that's
Gotta establish pricing

If we can't charge 10 times what it costs to make
My boss is gonna give me a migrane headache
Yea pricing
Gotta establish it

Analysts run about a million spread sheets
If I can't charge more than the other guy I'm dead meat
Forward pricing, margin pricing, cost-based pricing, too
I'm gonna get killed if the price ain't based on value

My competitor bombed his price to a dime
My boss say he don't want to hear that line
About lower pricing

If we can't charge 10 times more than what it costs
My whole career is gonna be lost cause of
Oh no All that pricing

My boss say this price doen't make any sense
Can't we charge another 50 cents?
I say no - my competitors bombed their price to a dime
But my boss - he don't want to hear that line about
Lower pricing
About lower pricing

Why did we develop this product in the first place?
How we gonna tell the shareholders we're keeping pace?
If we don't triple revenue we're gonna be laughed out of this place
If I don't raise pricing they don't want to hear my case

My pricing plan's a joke
My career's going up in smoke
All because of pricing
All because of pricing
'Cause of pricing

My pricing plan's a joke
My job's going up in smoke
And all I know is - it's because of pricing

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