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On "Marketing Blues" by Marketing Mike and the Suits
Featuring Guest Vocal from Mrs Mike
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Oh, I love it when you're strategic
Talk strategy to me baby
Yes, I'm so strategic
Tell me more about your strategy
Well, it's for the long term
Oh, I love those long-term strategies
With a great positioning
Oh, and what position do you have


Oh, how strategic are you?
I'm a visionary
Oh, and what do you see in our future?
A five-year plan superseded by what ever's selling at the moment
Oh, but wait, that's a tactic
No, isn't that an objective?
No, that's being strategically tactical
Oh, I love it when you talk strategy to me

What did I hear about that other strategy?
Was it a good one?
That wasn't a strategy, that was a vision
But wait a minute, I thought it was our mission
No, our mission is to sell whatever is going right now
Maybe it's our values, or is it an objective?
It's a mission statement with values
I love it when you talk strategic to me

So what's our mission?
Provide maximum value to shareholders by controlling costs
What's our value statement?
The current stock price
What's our vision?
To make money without spending any
What's our objective?
Milk mature products for profitability
So what's the bottom line?
That's our strategic focus!
What's our positioning?
Bent over

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