Marketing Mike speaks for everyone in Corporate America who has lost out in reorgs, worked in cubicles, waited an eternity for an expense check, drowned in bureaucratic forms, worn a name badge, tolerated antiquated computer equipment, never received the promised promotion, looked for a new job, etc., etc. ­ the list of everyday indignities goes a long way.

In real life, Marketing Mike is a PR person for a Silicon Valley high-technology PR firm. He didn't start out life wanting to be a PR man. He was a professional musician for a few years after high school before his dad said, "get a real education and a real job."

So Marketing Mike worked his way through the University of Missouri Columbia School of Journalism by playing bass in bands, then graduated and made his way into the real world. His first job was as the editor for a west-coast golf and leisure magazine that he would rather forget. Through a succession of jobs that led him from LA to Silicon Valley, he traded his writing talent for a paycheck. At night, he played the blues.

As a PR person, he has spent so many years making mediocre things sound great that he felt it was time to do the world a service. By combining his wordsmithing abilities with his musical heritage, he's trying to provide a common rallying point for everyone's pent-up emotions about Corporate America. Out of this intense dedication came the inspiration for these songs. Maybe everyone can let it out and feel better.

Marketing Mike wrote the first few songs in jest, as mental therapy for a few select friends. But then, they took on a life of their own. As more and more of these poured out of his mind, he thought, "Now here's blues my friends can relate to." Yes, people in Corporate America can get the blues. So he put out a CD-full of songs called Marketing Blues. Based on the success of this CD, he's releasing a second collection called Business Blues.

Who are the Suits? Good question! One of the suits, of course, is Mrs Mike, who helps write the songs. All drums were performed by Brain, who feels lucky he doesn't have to work in Corporate America because he can make a living playing drums (now for Primus). Marketing Mike did vocals, harmonica, rhythm and lead guitar, and bass. On the new Business Blues album they were joined by a number of highly respected musicians including Eddy Yates on keyboards (piano and Hammond B-3); Paul Hanson* on tenor and alto sax; Bill Ortiz on trumpet on "I Survived the Reorg" and "The Company Christmas Party;" Tony Furtado** on slide guitar, and John Capobianco*** on trumpet and trombone on "Corporate Speak," "Cubicle Blues," and "Business Dining." Backup vocalists include Mrs. Mike, Zoe Ellis, Caitlin Cornwell, Bob Cullinan, Kristin Goldthorpe, Ernest Meyer, Ric Scott, Curt Jones and Cookie Marenco.

* Courtesy of MMP/Midi Inc. Records
** Courtesy of Rounder Records
*** Courtesy of Jazz Refuge Records

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