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Business Blues

I Survived the Reorg (But I Wish They'd Laid Me Off) - WAV , lyrics

The Company Xmas Party WAV, lyrics

Voice Mail Hell - WAV, lyrics

Corporate Speak - WAV, lyrics

High-Tech Leash -WAV, lyrics

Business Travel - WAV, lyrics

Cubicle Blues - WAV, lyrics

Business Dining - WAV, lyrics

His Computer Crashed - WAV, lyrics

Meetings - WAV, lyrics

Big Bucks Consulting- WAV, lyrics

Marketing Blues

Strategic - WAV, lyrics

PR Blues - lyrics

The Ad From Hell - lyrics

Trade Show Blues - lyrics

Business Week Boogie - lyrics

The Annual Distributor Bash - lyrics

The Annual Report - lyrics

Slides - lyrics

The Sales Force Wouldn't Push His New Product - lyrics

Pricing - lyrics

Marketing Blues - lyrics

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